We don't have to wear jewelry; if we do, shouldn't it be unforgettable?


Earrings can be converted to clip-ons for an additional $3.00 a pair

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"Kindness Overflowing" - 445.00
Click to enlarge "Those Glorious Days of Yesteryear" - 397.00 set Click to enlarge click here"Anointed" - 120.00

click to enlarge "Journey" - 99.00 click to enlarge click here"Tic-a-lock" - 99.00. Old torque from India featuring Ch'ing Dynasty (90-145 yrs old) silver "lock", worn as protection. Just twist and wear. click to enlarge"Proteccion" - 157.00. Replica of a Pre-columbian god, from Costa Rica, with carved grey jade and amethysts.

click to enlarge"Strong" - 139.00. Jasper beads, displaying some of its best colors, and antique brass set off the carved jade dragon. click to enlarge"The Reef" - 225.00. For the mermaid in your soul - a neckpiece of copper wire, barnacles, pearls, coral, fluorite fish, patinated brass sea turtles, and glass.

#13 SOLD SOLD #15 "Borneo" $129 SOLD #16 SOLD.
click to enlarge click to enlarge"Carnac" - 224.00. Mummy and scarabs of Egyptian faience combined with inlaid brass and crazed carnelian. click to enlarge click to enlarge

#17 "Sammarkand" $158 SOLD #18 "A tale of two frogs" $108 SOLD #19 "Serglio" $349 SOLD.

#21 Chinoiserie $333 SOLD. #22 "Ethnic Essence" $246 #23 "Africasia $197.SOLD. #24 SOLD
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Select what you want by sending the number, name of item if neck piece, and price.
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Marise designs for the individual who wants to feel and look stunning wearing jewelry that creates a mood, often using antiquities, antiques, and rare objects to enhance the beauty of woman who seek the unusual and aren't afraid to stand out.

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