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We don't have to wear jewelry; if we do, shouldn't it be unforgettable?

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"I design for the woman who knows who she is, who feels more herself wearing significant jewelry that makes a statement, creates excitement, expresses what she wants to say about herself."

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"Kindness Overflowing" - 445.00. Amethysts, fluorite, and brass create this major piece.

"Those Glorious Days of Yesteryear" - 397.00 set
Antique silver artifacts from India and the Ch'ing Dynasty (the foo dog - good fortune) with red jasper and African turquoise. SOLD
"Buddha in Black" - 200.00. Black onyx, combined polished and satin-finish, with glass flowers

"Anointed" - 120.00
A perfume bottle is featured on this piece of carnelian, brass, Suchow jade, amethyst and bloodstone.

"Journey" - 99.00. Carved green aventurine and glass set off an antique brass artifact from the Banjara Gypsies of Pakistan/Afghanistan. "Tic-a-Lock" - 99.00. An old torque from India holds a Ch'ing Dynasty silver and enamel lock (China: 90 - 140 yrs old). Used to protect against evil spirits. SOLD. "Costa Rica" - 157.00. Carved grey jade and amethysts show off a reproduction of a Pre-Columbian god.

"Strong" 139.00 - Jasper beads displaying some of it's best colors, and antique brass set off the carved jade dragon. "Martial" - SOLD Quan Yin riding a dragon mounted on Suchow jade accents this neckpiece of carnelian, bloodstone, jasper, serpentine, Ch'ing Dynasty jade, and brass. "Subtle" - 199.00 set. Carved jasper dragon is featured on beads of lepidolite-in-matrix, yellow turquoise, jasper, and glass.

"Moon Lovers" - 129.00. Carved bone mounted on a Suchow jade dragon, set off by brass and jasper. "Carnac" - 224.00. Mummy and scarabs of Egyptian faience combined with inlaid brass and crazed carnelian. "Summer" 139.00.Carnelian, yellow jade, jasper, and brass set-off the carved dragon. click to enlarge "Grand Vizir" - SOLD. Jades and antique brass from an African belt. The jade dragon on your right forms the clasp with chain from above it.

Wild" - 349.00. A treasury of fishes and underwater growth in glass, bone, aventurine, coral, and enamels. Tibet" - 124.00. A statement-maker of jasper and brass and a dramatic piece of jade from the mountains. Elephant in the Meadow" 138.00. Carved aventurine and glass buttercups surround the elephant. "Night Bloomer" - 247.00. A neckpiece of glass and imagination. I didn't start out to do this; it grew on me.

"Big Fish in a Small Pond" 99.00. This art-painted 5 inch fish, strung on hishi made in Africa of old phonograph records has an extender (click to see) when you want it longer. "Sunshine on My Shoulders" - 139.00. Of yellow jade, crazed carnelian, and copper, this neckpiece features back-interest as its clasp (click to see). "Come Fly With Me" - 197.00. Carved aventurine, carnelian, silver, glass, lepidolite.

"Subtle Satin" - 137.00. Satin-finished fire agate sets the color combination enhanced with glass and copper.

"Spring Has Sprung" - 139.00. Glass, amethysts, and black onyx form this playful garden. SOLD " Not Just For Christmas Anymore" -330.00. A display of reds and greens in jade, jasper, garnets, vermeil, and glass. "Red Buddha" - 115.00. Glass and enamel strung on hishi from Africa made of old phonograph records. "Rosie, You Are My Posy" - 296.00. A collection of carved rose quartz objects and beads, set off by dark green jade and tourmaline. SOLD

"...Where No One Has Gone Before" - 300.00. This torched brass collar (which is easily molded to a human body) was worn by Michael Bell in the first episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation. They had me remove the dragon head, which was fine for the leader of the aliens, but it's more dramatic with that accent. Comes with photos. "Ganesh - the Bottle" - 147.00. Let him remove obstacles from your life as he holds your favorite scent. With glass and brass. "Teal Titillation" 197.00. A glass artist blew this piece for me to mount on thousands of tiny glass drops. Clasp is Ch'ing Dynasty enamel (click to see). SOLD "Amazonite.Com"-169.00. Amazonite-in-matrix,yellow jade, brass, and yellow turquoise make a strong statement.

Rootbeer" - 111.00. Carved Suchow jades combined with glass and copper - just add ice cream. Not heavy. "Collection" - 193.00. A conversation piece of stones, bone, faience, glass, brass. Comes with full description of ingredients so you can talk about it. "Oooh - What Are You Wearing?" - 389.00. A collection of small carvings: Butterflies, frog, monks, Buddha, pillars of fancy .REDESIGNED.jasper, carnelian, a fossil ammonite (120,000,000 yrs old), antique Tibetan brass. And not at all heavy! REDESIGNED. "Tiny Treasures" - 306.00. SOLD. Ch'ing Dynasty antiques (90 - 140 yrs old) displayed on rounds of carnelian.

"Simply Elegant" - 196.00. Of ametrine (amethyst/citrine) long-facetted wheels and brass. Lovely and light. "Indoor Garden" - 189.00. Green aventurine and jade, glass, lepidolite, jasper, fluorite compose a water-free delight. SOLD. "It Takes Two" - 230.00. To make a statement.
An old torque from India (just twist to put on) holds a Ch'ing Dynasty silver bell (90 - 140 yrs old) and below it, another Ch'ing artifact, complete with small silver Ch'ing bells. Both pieces set off by facetted amethysts. Can be worn separately if necessary - but why?
"Pastoral" - 149.00. Apple coral, carved bone, white-on-white glass, and old Tibetan brass form this piece.

"Fuchsia Frolic" - SOLD. Fuchsia and black glass beads with black onyx and enamel hold this narrow-eyeglasses holder so you won't ever mislay them again "Easy to Love" - 139.00.Green garnets, jasper, and bronze chain hold the 15th century Indian coin, amber Buddha head, and Ch'ing Dynasty jade money-sign. "Good Omen" - 139.00. Double fish mean persistence and good partnering; here set on a jade dragon, and completed by riolite, jasper, and wood. SOLD. "Seoul" - 99.00. A Korean mask sets off this textured eyeglass case, so you will never have to wonder where the **** your glasses are! Making it cool to wear are the interesting beads above, of stone, would, and brass. Curves of wood make the wearing comfortable.

"Why We Dive" - 225.00.SOLD. For the mermaid in your soul - a neckpiece of copper wire, barnacles, pearls, coral, fluorite fish, patinated brass sea turtles, and glass. "Afrique" - 99.00. African tree sap (what amber is before the eons) and smoke-patterned bone are held together by a frontal clasp of a brass Ghanaian swordfish. Extremely light! SOLD. Onyx, jade, carnelian and a Ch'ing Dynasty long jade tube complete this light neckpiece. "Lavender Blue, Dilly Dilly" - 99.00. Not blue at all but truly lovely lavender glass flowers and wreaths compliment the black onyx tubes.

"As in a morning sunrise" - 240.00 Aquamarine in matrix, carved carnelian on aqua jade, and an Egyptian faience scarab (good fortune) form this elegantly simple neckpiece. "Scent of a Woman" - 135.00. Carved wood bottle is used to hold a touch of your favorite scent, inserted on cotton. Coupled with rhodonite,wood "knot" beads, wood curves that encircle the neck, this unusual color combination emanates from the stone, a brownish-pink. itself. "Sateen" - SOLD. Short hair will allow the interesting major clasp (click to see) to show to advantage. Satin-finished carnelian and carved jade with a brass Buddha. "Olivine" - 254.00. A delicious little concoction of glass, crystal, carnelian, copper, and jasper, it catches light so well it almost seems electrified.

"The Guard" - 600.00. Sawn and torched brass displays two museum-quality Pre-Columbian clay artifacts: the guard and a spindle whorl bead. "Memorable" - 194.00. Of muscovite, glass, jade, wood, and rhodonite. You've been framed!