More Neckpieces

401.Ch'ing Dynasty Double Lockets - 89.00. Room inside to tuck away a lock of hair or a tiny tooth. Comes with liquid cement to seal lockets when filled. 90-140 years old. 402.Filigree and enamel oval - 79.00. Floral glass beads and antiqued brass form a quiet setting for the floral display. SOLD 403. Rusty iron on jasper set off with a garnet in sterling. Can be worn as a pin. 49.00. 404.A copper bud opens to reveal an amethyst crystal (amethyst bought in Paris in 1979).

405. Articulated enamel fish with glass "water drops" and a unique, complex, brass chain. 59.00. 406. Ch'ing Dynasty butterfly covered in Kingfisher feathers and set off with pearls, sterling, and an amethyst. 90-140 years old. 99.00.
407. Antique brass artifact from the Banjara Gypsies of Afghanistan and Pakistan covers an large onyx bead. 65.00. Large art-painted enamel fish in tones of wine and fuchsia with lacquer bead to match. 59.00. SOLD

409. Raku-ceramic Buddha against lotus. 25.00 410. Burmese jade Buddha and two pair of birds are featured against the contrast of Suchow jade. 129.00 411. Ch'ing Dynasty enamel butterfly on a jasper heart with Amazonite and unique brass chain. 79.00 412. Ch'ing Dynasty jade carvings: amethyst accompanies it to create the earrings, and a dual-length rattail (sorry about that image, but that's what it's called) chain allows you to place the pendant to its better advantage on your outfit. 300.00 set