601.Patinated fish and shell set the theme for this pair of earrings which also feature a Chinese glass ocean scene and the mood of water, coral, and kelp. L: 5 inches. Surprise - they're light weight!
602. Do you love magenta, lavender, and green together - like a little garden. Chinese glass with an antique sterling and enamel infinity sign. L: 5 inches. Medium weight. $67.00 text 603. Art-painted Chinese fish with fluorite frogs and iridescent glass "drops of water". L:5 inches, Medium-heavy weight. SOLD

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604. Art-painted rosy-olivine fish with burgundy overtones and green garnets.
L: 4 inches. Medium weight. $72.00
605. Subtle coloration provided by a ceramic Buddha and lepidolite-in-matrix with touches of copper. L: 3 & 1/4 inches. Heavy-medium weight (stone and ceramic). $59.00 606. Metal goddess celebrating with Japanese hand-made glass flower; patinated chain holds cascade of multi-colored Czech glass drops. L: 4 & 1/2 inches. Light weight. $72.00 607. Are you ready for Spring? Chinese glass frog and flowers with a touch of patinated brass "leaves" make it so. L: 2 inches. Light-medium weight. $42.00

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608. Czech and Chinese glasses, patinated brass, and whimsy form these earrings.
L: almost 4 inches. Light-medium weight. $47.00
609. Protective dragonhead and sll-seeing eye in raku-treated ceramic with iridescent glass and copper form these conversation-piece earrings. L: 3 inches. Medium-heavy weight. $65.00 610. A 3-metal Tibetan prayer-wheel & a brass hand of Buddha, a copper tulip cap filled with flowers, and voila! Coordinated earrings with spiritual overtones.
L: 4 inches. Heavy-medium weight. $69.00
611. Dumortierite is the only stone I've seen that is actually faded blue-jeans blue, coupled here with a wreath of blue pansies and featuring an OM and the hand of Buddha. L: 3 inches. Light-medium weight. $47.00


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